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With the help of 365 News, one can easily search for news from numerous online sources worldwide. It gives possibilities to categorize news stories and view them personalized to mach your essential. Many factors are taken into perspective when categorizing, for example texts, publication times or titles. After this, several grouping algorithms are used to find stories we think match. 365 News are found and graded fully by computer algorithms, and prioritized based on certain features like regency, location, importance and variety. Because of this, stories are selected without referring to political viewpoints or ideology and there is a wide variety of perspectives on any story to choose from.

Although we cannot guarantee to add any kind of news site, if you have one to recommend us as a source for 365 News, please send the URL and we will happily review it. Please also contact us if you would come to know of any site that is in violation of our guidelines.



Articles each have their time or date of upload visible and the last 30 day’s news can be read here. Older news is to be found in 365 News Archive Search.


News Privacy Policy for 365 News

Protecting user’s privacy and respecting it is very important for 365 News.        
Where the text indicates “365 News” “us”, “our” or “we”, this applies to any of our affiliates.
In the Privacy Policy, you can read about what happens to any of your personal information that we might get while you are using the website.  Providing us with any personal information, you agree to this Privacy Policy. If you do not approve to this policy, please do not use this website.


The Information we Collect

When using our site, some of your personal information may be collected from you. The site collects any information your web browser sends and with this Privacy Policy, you consent to us processing it. Extra personal information sometimes might be collected when registering with us or subscribing to a mailing list for example. If you agree to the enquiry, sign up for 365 News account and subscribe, you will be asked your name and email address. Other personal information might be needed as well for the use of specific services or to help in any question. These will be asked from the user if and when it is necessary.

Data that identifies you and is not available to the public is personal information.

Usually when you search for a website or any other information, your web browser software automatically sends us the IP address of your computer, the model and version of your software, screen resolution, operating system and some more details of your browser’s specifics, operating system and computer. Certain browsers let you control such information.
Cookies are small sized text files that are deposited to your computer’s hard drive when viewing a site and can be sent back to the same place when viewing it again. These may be sent by us to your computer or other device that identifies your 365 News registration or browser in order to save user’s preferences and other information to make our service more affective. Most computers are set to accept all cookies, but it is likely that your browser can also be set to reject cookies or give a warning if a cookie is being sent. It is important to note, that our site may not work as required if cookies are disabled and that other web pages available through 365 News might also use cookies that are not under our competence. We may save and record unnamed traffic information like for example visited sites, or links or those of the 365 News services that have been used, but this is not personal information, nor is it aggregated with personal data. This information is generally used to improve our work and enhance and develop our site for the viewer’s best interest.


Personal Information’s Use

365 News may use personal information in the following cases: when registering or subscribing for any of our services, to customize and support our service, for administrational and processing purposes regarding registration and subscription, for any contract that you may sign with us, for auditing, for analysis and research to maintain, to help development and protection or our services, to create no named statistics, to assure the technical operation of 365 News, to protect both our rights and our user’s rights, for any other on which you give your agreement on.

365 News might use your email address in order to send you information and contact you about 365 News services as well as to offer you opportunities to sign up for new services. It is possible that these emails might sometimes contain advertisements or sponsorship parts. If you have agreed with us offering you services from carefully chosen third parties, we may send you information about that as well.


Information Sharing

Your personal information may be shared by us with other organization, use computer systems belonging to trusted third parties, to give our service and to work on your personal data on our behalf  (information in this case , will stay our Privacy Policy’s subject). In cases like these, with the help of secure channels, your personal data may be transferred to and from such systems. Third parties mentioned above have no right to share your personal data.
There is a possibility that aggregated non-personal information might be shared or published with third parties, however this will not identify you individually. Also, in order to help show customized advertisements on our website, we might forward a no-named version of your data to third-party advertisers or advertising providers. Information can be transferred automatically to third parties by your browser as well.
There is a chance of us sharing your data if we believe that the access to this information or preservation or disclosure meets any applicable law, regulation, legal work or governmental request that applies to everyone. Also in cases to enforce any rights written in the contract that we may have regarding the services we give to you, or to find, prevent or deal with fraud, technical or security problems, or to defend against any harm to the rights, 365 News property or safety, our contractors or employees, our business partners, those who are our users or the public.


About Securing Information

Security movements are made by 365 News to protect against unauthorized access or use, modification, revealing or demolishment of data. These security measures include internal reviews of the collection of information, reposition and processing practices and safety movements as well as physical security measures to keep the system were the personal information is stored stay safe from unauthorized access or use. For those agents who need to know information to operate, improve or develop 365 News services, employees and contractors, personal information access is restricted. These people have confidentiality agreements and if they would fail to keep these agreements, they will be subject to appropriate sanctions.
Unfortunately, online information transmission is not fully secure. There is a chance that someone might intercept personal information you send, therefore transitions as such are at your own risk. Visiting our website from anywhere else other than the United States is also at your own risk, and understanding that data collected from the Site may be collected, saved and put to use in a different country with laws that differ from the United States laws.


Managing Personal Data

Personal information’s accuracy is checked and insured to be complete and current. We count on our users to correct or update their data when needed.
If a user would like to make a request like have information corrected, accessed or removed, they will be asked to identify themselves and the information that they wish to change. Requests that are unclear, unreasonable systematic or repetitive, need disproportionate technical effort, endanger others privacy or may be very impractical may have to be rejected.


Technology Tracking

Please keep in mind that there is a possibility that other websites or our business partners that can be reached via 365 News may use cookies or different tracking technologies which we cannot influence. Specifically, as a result of serving advertisements through services we operate and own, third parties may use cookies and other technologies to gather data. To provide you with location-related services or to solve location-related questions and improve your experience on 365 News site, we may collect your IP address.


Sites found on 365 News

365 News is connected to sites or other services that are owned and operated by third parties. Because of this, we do not take responsibility, nor accept liability for the privacy practices of these sites or other services they give. Our Privacy Policy only applies to our services.


Changes Regarding Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy may be changed by 365 News once in a while. If this happens, we will post the renewed version on 365 News site and we advise you to please read the changes.


Contact Us

May you have any questions regarding the Privacy Policy or use of your personal information, please feel free to contact us.